Friday, 13 May 2016

My Return to blogging

Hello Internet I'm back!

I have been really busy with life. We have a new addition to the family and I am in a new grade. So things have been quiet different. I have a group of new friends and I have  found myself in the library.

I am happier my days are getting better and better . I like pizza now and it has become my new couch meal.

I will start blogging in the week when I have time . But for now bye people

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Book Sale

I loved our school Book Sale. It was awesome .I went with my friend aka Chioma and etc. I bought a 87 - piece marzipan art set . I also bought a Glamour Girl . It was packed with many people. I got R200 from mother. It was cool . This nice lady who was selling the books complimented me and said my hair is beautiful . I said back thanks ?. I was so excited . I had R30 left . My mom was angry with me. But is was cool. I was that girl showing off her new 87-piece art set yes I said Art set bam. I love drawing dresses and I am good at it .My friend who is sitting next to me now is talking to me . I answered her and said Let me blog about Book Sale . I like have nothing to say now so thank you :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My favorite food

I find it really hard to chose a food but I have to chose Pancakes. They are just nice and fresh . They make my taste buds tinkle and twinkle and they make my heart so warm. I normally put chocolate or sugar but i prefer some nice smooth . It is also really the perfect way to start the day . I never share my pancakes if mum makes pancakes a ask for a whole stack and if one person touches whats mine they will have to make me a new stack with double . Once my brother ate my stack and he made me a fresh stack. The most horrible pancake I have ever had was one with cream . I hate cream okay hate is a strong word I dislike cream. The first time I had pancakes was one when I was sleeping on the day of my birthday and my mom made me breakfast in bed .  I am never aloud breakfast in bed ever so I was really happy .  I put half of a pancake in my mouth after about 3 minutes I  was done . Leave comments and tell me about your favorite food. My mom makes the best pancakes I have ever she has a gift.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My spongebob

I LOVE spongebob .  He is like a hero but at the same time he is funny. My mom and I have a sponge bob night every friday and we make popcorn. My mom also loves sponge bob we are just the same people

my fav animal

My favourite animal is a dog . I love dogs . They are so cute . I just want to cuddle them and eat them up (I DON'T REALLY EAT DOGS )  Dogs are very cute I just can not explain it that much . Dogs are magical creatures and have beautiful fur . Do you have a dog ? I have 1 special dog . Her name is Daisy . She is 2 years old but she is huge . I like to hug her warm fur and cuddle up with her. We should help dogs if you see them in danger please . This dog is famous for ridding a bicycle without any help from anyone . You should  watch the video so amazing and cool . 

This picture is amazing . I LOVE tumblr gifs alot  and they make me laugh by moving around and around the place . You should try it today you will be laughing